The World of Pantene and the Science of Hair

The World of Pantene and the Science of Hair

Hair is an amazing thing. It serves as an integral part of our attractiveness, as a facet of our personal identities and even as protection. The scientists at Pantene dedicate an enormous amount of time studying hair and scalp science, and particularly hair - its behavior, its quirks, and its response to experiments of all kinds - and what they learn is pretty fascinating! We asked our lead scientists, Dr. Jeni Thomas and Dr. John Gray, to put some basic hair and scalp science facts into understandable language for us. Throughout this section you will find an amazing wealth of information about hair and scalp science and how to achieve beautiful hair and keep it looking its glorious best.

About Dr. Jeni Thomas

Dr. Jeni Thomas is a Senior Scientist working with multiple Research & Development teams to conduct research on fundamental hair and scalp science as well as on products to promote hair and scalp health. She works directly with product design technologists with the goal of creating the best possible products, based on the needs of both women and men. She is also a published author of global research on hair and scalp science.

About Dr. John Gray

Dr. John Gray is a lead consultant and medical advisor for P&G Beauty and runs a private practice and trichology clinic just outside London. In his 20-year hair and scalp science career with P&G Beauty he has been involved with both the skin and hair care divisions, has published several books on hair and scalp science, and is a respected specialist in his field.